The AIA is a non-profit organisation which exists for one purpose: to help our members become more successful long-term investors.

We protect and advance the interests of Australian investors across all types of investments and asset classes.

We are Australia’s leading national, not-for-profit, independent association of investors.  We are dedicated to helping all self-directed investors achieve their goals through education, networking and advocacy.

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Create Your Personal Investment Plan:

Sydney One-Day Seminar and Workshop, 

Friday 7th November, 9.00am to 4.30pm 

Why is financial planning so important, and why is the process of implementation so difficult.  It appears there is no end to the questions and unknowns that make planning such a challenge, which is why financial literacy and sound financial planning is so important.

In this AIA "first", we bring together three of Australia's top investing and financial planning experts to guide us through a structured process of preparing a financial plan tailored to your personal needs and circumstances.  Be prepared to roll up your sleeves, learn what to do and what not to do, and draft your own plan.  With this knowledge, you will be better prepared to refine, update and improve your financial plan over time to suit your personal circumstances.

The sessions are:

Introduction, a top down approaach to financial planning- Brian Spies (AIA Director)

Lifestyle Goals and Expectations - Doug Turek (Professional Wealth Pty Ltd)

Strategic Asset Allocation - Doug Turek (Professional Wealth Pty Ltd)

Investment Types, Growth Assets -Tony Rumble (SMSF Advice Solutions)

Investment Types, Debt and Defensive Assets -Tony Rumble (SMSF Advice Solutions)

Managing Your Portfolio - Colin Nicholson (Investor, Author and Educator)

Revising and Improving Your Plan - Colin Nicholson (Investor, Author and Educator)

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 AIA Strategic Plan

Over the last few months, a Board Sub Committee has updated the AIA Strategic Plan which was originally developed by the Board in late 2011 and early 2012.  The plan states the Purpose, Vision, Values, Key Performance Areas, and Priorities. This document can be viewed by Members on the “Members” page. Pease note that this plan remains a “Work in Progress” and we would appreciate comments and suggestions from our members.
Please contact Brian Spies with any questions or comments.  Go to the Members page to download the plan.

AIA Best performed managed investment report 2014

The AIA’s report on the best managed investment products is now available to members on the AIA website. 

A unique feature of the AIA report is that it presents performance data on a fiscal year basis.  In the 2014 report  we show annual returns for the last 7 years (previously 5 years) which gives investors a better view as to how products have performed over the economic cycle.

The range of asset classes has expanded to include “World Currency Hedged” and “Global Real Estate” categories.  A new section discussing risk in Managed Funds discusses the topic of asset allocation risk.

We would consider making printed copies available at reasonable cost if members request this.  Please phone the office.

Bonus offer for new members

Join the Australian Investors Association and you will receive a one month free trial to the Marcus Today Stockmarket Newsletter valued at $75 and a 15 day free trial to Intelligent Investor and 3 special email reports valued at $267.  Member benefits include a range of publications; access to the members online forum; access to AIA meetings and more.  One year AIA membership is $110 or two year membership is $190 plus a $20 joining fee.

Associations deserve an unadulterated plug

If SMSF means “Screwing My Super Fund” to you, pack now... by Marcus Padley 7 June 2014

Copyright Sydney Morning Herald

Every year I attend the Australian Investor Association's Gold Coast conference. For a busy bloke who has sworn never to be ''taken for a mug'' after once being presented with a coffee cup in return for giving a presentation on a weekend, it may come as some surprise - it surprises me - that I take the time to spend four days in the company of strangers.

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“There are only a few organisations in the share market that the private investor can trust and perhaps unsurprisingly they all seem to be non-profit-making.  They include the AIA.”  This is an excerpt from Marcus Padley’s regular column featured on Saturday, 3 September 2011.

The Sharemarket Course DVD set

This 12 DVD and CD set includes approximately 13 hours of material, a CD with a workbook and activities and costs only $197 if a member of the AIA or $297 for a new member including the first year AIA subscription.  By doing this course you will learn about fundamental and technical analysis; understand and manage risk management; learn methods to control trade entry, trade management and trade exit; record keeping and more.  This is a unique learning tool produced by an independent association for investors


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