Media Releases 2004 to 2007



25 August 2005

We're in the Money.  The FPA has announced (23 August 05) it is to embark on an advertising campaign promoting the value of professional advice. Funding to start the advertising campaign has been committed by a number of FPA firms owned by banks, Insurance companies and funds managers.

12 August 2005

Financial Planners sell Cars? - "The Truth is Out There"
How refreshing is Financial Planning Association chairwoman Kathryn Greiner's recently reported comment: "When you go into a Holden dealership to buy a Holden, you don't get a Ford."  Refreshing because at last someone at the FPA has acknowledged the similarity between most financial planners and car salesmen.

2 February 2005

Investors Divided on Donations
In a survey of its members conducted last weekend by the Australian Investors' Association it was revealed that individual investors are split down the middle on the contentious issue of whether companies should make donations without the prior approval of shareholders.

7 September 2004

At a time that saw the current profit announcement season declared as the biggest ever, Financial Advisers are taking a more pessimistic view of the future for sharemarket performance in the next six months. In stark contrast Investors are more optimistic than 3 months ago.

10 June 2004

ACCC should prosecute the FPA
The AIA believes that the FPA is guilty of false and misleading statements and should be taken to task by the ACCC under the Trade Practices Act. The latest report from ASIC (research report on soft dollar benefits in the financial planning industry) confirms what has been known for years.

ASIC Soft Dollar report fall short of Consumers expectations
The Australian Investors Association is disgusted that ASIC appears to be letting financial planners who accept under the counter payments get away with not disclosing them.   ASIC admits that, in a research project (Disclosure of soft dollar benefits, An ASIC research report) it carried out on firms licensed under the new FSR regime, it found a number of instances where the licensees had failed to comply with the requirements............

7 June 2004

Bullish sentiment has been falling since October 2003 for both investors and their financial asdvisers suggesting that enthusiasm for shares as an investment is waning. The fall in positive sentiment for shares as an investment has coincided with the exceptional high prices that have been recorded in the housing and investment property sector over the same period.

28 April 2004

"Women Talking Money" - a Financial Wake-up Call
The author of Women Talking Money, Leslie Falkiner-Rose, says it is not enough for women to leave financial management until unemployment, divorce, illness or loss of a spouse forces them into action.

15 April 2004

Institutions and FPA Reject ASIC Report
So now we can all feel much better The much heralded and long awaited ASIC Report on Preferential Remuneration was released on 7 th April and has been greeted by the industry with the predictable response i.e. ‘old news’, ‘things are different now’
Note: pdf file 47kb

14 April 2004

Investor Sentiment Index (Apr)   
Market Sentiment falling but still high
Note: pdf file 55kb

31 March 2004

CBA Family Equity Loans = CREATIVE LENDING ON A HOUSE OF CARDS  (pdf 14k)

10 March 2004

Consumers Expect Every Planner to do Their Duty   (pdf: 41k)
                       covering the release of the
Report on AIA's Survey of Consumer Expectations   (pdf: 257k)

25 February 2004

Why all Australians need to know more about investing   (pdf: 15k)

11 February 2004

"Women Talking Money" Seminar   (pdf: 15k)

5 February 2004

Investor Sentiment Index (Feb)   Note: pdf file 33kb

3 February 2004

NAB's Cicutto Resigns     Note: pdf file 15kb