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Choice Magazine

• Here is another site I found to offer useful strategies in finding a good advisor. This information is accessible out side their subscription area

Type in the search box

“Your guide to finding the best financial planner “

I found it useful in

o Recognizing conflicts of interest

o Better ways to utilize my FP Keeping costs down

While you are at the site might be interested in a few of Choice’s more recent articles on the state of financial planning industry

This is also a good resource for other areas of financial advice (credit cards, health insurance, interest rates etc. etc.)

I have no connection with Choice apart form being an enthusiastic subscriber.

Our AIA site

If you are a member of AIA log in and type in the search box

“Personal Investment Planning Workbook”

This article is extremely thorough and excellent preparation for your first meeting for your investment planner

I guess it could even be used as a DIY plan.

But I do not recommend it.

You can easily get too close to be truly objective about how much risk is appropriate for you. It also requires expertise to measure not only the amount of risk inherent in each investment but also how to balance your portfolio safely for your particular financial situation.

However being fully prepared not only makes recognizing a good planner more likely but also makes his or her job easier and cheaper. Finally, the outcome more likely to be a true reflection of your needs.

Getting your retirement financial plan done at least once by a skilled financial planner could possibly be one of the best investments you make.

On the other hand, as always:

Please note the above is not investment advice. It is recommended that you seek advice from a professional investment advisor before acting on any information in this blog


Mike H