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Posted by Mike H on 1 August 2016 | Comments

 June and July Editions “INVESTOR UPDATE”

After a fierce battle with the IT gremlins our June edition of IU is finally available for down load. The July has now hit inboxes.

This June edition is well worth seeking out. Topics include:

  • 10 hints on realizing capital losses for EOFY

Unfortunately, Marcus Padley’s “Hints on realizing capital losses for EOFY” missed the EOFY so tuck it aside for next year

  • Stop losses – Are they for you?

Vector vest’s Angel Clark & Russell Markham provide a useful overview of the  different models you can use for stop losses

  • Centrelink Age Pension

-          Jon Kalkman & Brian Spies

  • Residential Aged Care

        - Jon Kalkman & Brian Spies

Our thanks to both these tireless members. Jon is vice president of the AIA and Brian the NSW committee chair and director. These are two excellent articles. If you are on a pension or involved with Aged care these are both must read articles.

Jon also asks the important question “How Long will my retirement savings last? “in the current edition of Investors Voice.

In the July Edition of the Investor Update Darin Tyson-Chan from selfmanagedsuper magazine analyses the consequences to super following the election and budget whilst Miles Staude, Portfolio Manager at the Global Value Fund dissects the BREXIT and what it means to the Australian and global economies.  Nathan Bell of Peters MacGregor Capital Management Limited gives us his insights to why “Mr Macro” is an unreliable guide to investment.

If you are new member, go to side bar on "Resources"Page, click on  Members Information Bulletin then on Investor Update. Scroll to bottom for latest editions.



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