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Posted by Mike H on 30 August 2016 | Comments

AIA joins with SMSFOA, ASA and SISFA to argue 2016 Budget Superannuation Changes.

What the proposed changes to superannuation mean to you (Download Member Briefing)

The changes to superannuation announced in the Federal Budget are profound.  They will impact many AIA members, from those aspiring to build superannuation balances to take care of their financial needs later in life, individuals in transition to retirement and to retirees in full pension mode. The proposals are disruptive to many current financial plans and personal aspirations as they challenge many of the assumptions on which those plans have been built.

The AIA has prepared a briefing paper that summarises the major changes likely to affect investors.  

We would be interested to hear your views or the issues you see in these changes as we build our advocacy on this matter during the election campaign.  Please send any comments to aia@investors.asn.au.