National Investment Summit 2018

DISRUPTION, Technological change and the internet of things

We are just at the beginning of the beginning of all kinds of changes....
Is your portfolio ready?


Building on the early IT revolution of the 1990's and the mobile and smart phone revolution of the 2000's, we are now entering a new inflection point. The combined forces of the acceleration of computing power, data storage, communication networks and digital platforms has all come together in a new force we now know as the ‘Internet of Things’.


The world will see more technological acceleration and development in the next five years than we have seen in the last 20.

  *   Fintech will disrupt the banking sector

  *   Amazon will disrupt the retail sector

  *   5G networks will disrupt the telecommunications sector

  *   Solar and batteries will disrupt the energy sector

  *   Driverless cars will disrupt the transport sector

  *   Disruptors will disrupt disruptors



We are on the brink of an explosion of innovation,

catalysed by the junction of cloud computing, mobile
connectivity, automation and artificial intelligence, all
working in unison.

What does this mean for Australian investors?

The starting point will be knowing where your exposures
are in your portfolio.  The majority of investors have
core exposures to banking (ANZ, CBA, NAB & WBC),
retail (Wesfarmers and Woolworths), telecommunications
(Telstra and TPG) and the energy sectors (Woodside,
Santos, AGL and Origin). For many this exposure will
make up the majority of your portfolio.

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Our 2018 National Summit will be an eye opener on which risks investors need to manage from maintaining old allocations to the pillars of our economy.  Who are the disruptors, what are the opportunities and how do investors readjust their portfolios?


Digital disruption and the internet of things.

Alex Pollak, Founder - Loftus Peak
There are a number of powerful reasons investors should pay close attention to the disruptors – one being that they are eating our core companies for lunch. Amazon only offers a picture of a product but is destroying our bricks and mortar stores.
Newspapers' rivers of gold have been stolen by Google and Facebook. Banks are up against Google & Apple Pay and Peer to Peer Lenders. Its only a matter of time they are up against disruptors within their core mortgage business.


Taking on the big boys – disruption in the banking sector

Andrew Jones, Head of Commercial Development - RateSetter
Financial services is the new domain for disruptors. Mobile technology, networked consumers, cloud data and faster micro-chips have smashed the barriers of entry to the Fintech space. RateSetter is leading the way in Australia for taking market share in personal lending, traditionally the domain of the banks.
Andrew will run through their story, the growth opportunities and how investors can use peer to peer lending services to tap into new investment markets.


Disruption is the main game globally, if you don’t play it, you won’t survive

Nick Griffin, Chief Investment Officer – Munro Partners
The investment needed to compete against nimbler and aggressive disruptors is driving a massive drive in global efficiency and has years to play out.
Nick will outline the global trends at play and how to capture this for your portfolio.



Australia is not the US; investing in disruption in Australia

Tim Koroknay, Investment Specialist - representing Lennox Capital Partners
Whilst Facebook has a market cap of US$530B, Google is US$728B, in Australia we need to move down to the mid cap space to invest in similar type tech companies. Tim will provide his thoughts on how to achieve this, where Australia is on a global basis, and which disruptors will win.



Positioning your portfolio for a disruptive economy

Charlie Aitken, Chief Investment Officer – AIM
As one of Australia’s highest profile stock pickers, Charlie will take us through his views on this long term structural changes and what this means for your portfolio. Charlie will outline his stock tips.


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Friday, 23 March 2018 from 8.30am for 8.55am start to 4:30pm

SMC Conference & Function Centre at 66 Goulburn St Sydney.
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