Melbourne Conference 2003

Melbourne Investors Conference Papers - 1 to 2 November 2003

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Global Economic Outlook
Michael Knox
Financial markets across the globe during the past 2 years have experienced both the highs and the lows that investors must ride out when they choose the stockmarket as a medium of investment. Stockmarkets rally when economic peformance heightens, so as we look back at what has been a bumpy ride, we now set our gaze forward to cast an eye on the economic conditions of the near future, which seem to be aligning all in the favour of a global recovery.
Michael Knox, Director of Strategy & Chief Economist of ABN AMRO Morgans, spoke on the factors that influence economic rebounds, and in turn, their resultant effect on capital markets - the place where you invest your money. Important signposts will be the state of the US Federal Budget, the Gold Price, US & Australian Bond markets, Company Profits and that little Aussie Battler - the Aussie dollar.
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Fundamental Analysis of Resources Sector
Chris Baker, Senior Analyst, Global Resources, Colonial First State Investments
The Global Resources sector is enjoying a resurgence. Once an archetypal "old economy" sector, the emergence of global growth, helped by the China factor has generated renewed interest in commodities and the resource sector in general. Critical to investing in the resource sector is a sound knowledge of the mining industry and its drivers. This paper discusses aspects of the resources sector such as commodity prices and their relationship to the economic cycle. Examples of fundamental company analysis will be provided, together with a discussion of investment processes adopted by Colonial First State's Global Resources Fund.
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Fundamental Analysis of Banking & Finance Sector
Angelo Sirkos, Client Adviser; Marijan Simunic, Client Adviser; and Mark Skocic, Equity Analyst, ABN Amro Morgans
The banking sector has performed well over the past few years but what is its outlook for the future? Based on their respective experiences and knowledge, these stockbrokers covered the major local banks and two or three regional banks. Comparisons to other sectors, valuations, comparison of interest rates and the outlook for the banking sector were discussed.
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Fundamental Analysis of Healthcare & Biotechnology Sector
Marshall Biggins
In this presentation, Marshall looks at why one would invest in the health care sector. Marshall will looks at demograhic forecasts and what areas should be looked at with regards to services. He breaks the health care stocks into categories and gives examples of what companies are in each category. Marshall also gave two examples of companies that are in the right space and have solid fundamentals backing investment.
Marshall Bigginsis an equities and derivatives adviser with Austock.
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Fundamental Analysis of Listed Property Trusts
Michael Kolikias
Listed Managed Investments (LMI) offer investors exposure to a professionally managed portfolio in a variety of assets, such as shares, bonds, cash, and real estate through a single security. They include Property Trusts, Investment Companies, Exchange Traded Funds, Infrastructure Funds, Pooled Development Funds and Absolute Return Funds. Michael will outline in detail how you can benefit from these products.
Michael Kolikias has been with the ASX for 3 years as a Business Development Manager for Listed Managed Investments. His role is divided into educating investors and assisting fund managers in listing funds.
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Retire Smart - A Simple Strategy To Maximise Your Retirement Income
Peter Hogan
This presentation explores the advantages of taking an allocated pension in retirement. Starting with an explanation of the various ways you can contribute money to superannuation, Peter then examines the choices open to you when it is time to put your super to work. By way of an in-depth case study, he demonstrates the flexibility and the investment, tax and social security benefits of converting your superannuation into an allocated pension.
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Benefits & Pitfalls of Margin Lending
Jason Flanagan, Director of Margin Lending, BT Financial Group
Discusses the features and benefits of Margin Lending, wealth creation strategies using gearing and the benefits associated with prepaying interest. Jason will also outline the online portfolio management capabilities offered by BT Margin Lending.
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Asset Allocation
Kevin Bailey
Investors are bombarded with sales pitches on what to invest in so as to achieve superior returns. Much of this is driven by the commercial interest of the promoters. Kevin Bailey, the highest rated adviser by independent ratings agency, Adviser Ratings, brings a refreshingly frank analysis of the benefits of portfolio construction to expose the myths about risk and return. This presentation challenges many of your long held beliefs about managing your portfolio and the source of return. This is not to be missed by anyone who is serious about seeking the evidence available on investing in a risk controlled manner.
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What To Look For In Successful Companies
Michael Gordon
The sharemarket is a battleground between buyers and sellers and the trends reflect the balance in sentiment between greed and fear. But all too often the basic principles of successful sharemarket investments are forgotten or ignored. Michael Gordon reminds us that successful investment is a long-term endeavour and over the long-term there is, not unsurprisingly, a very strong correlation between successful companies and successful stocks. He takes us through in detail what to look for in successful companies and how investors can identify them. Michael Gordon has over 20 years experience as a sharemarket analyst and regularly contributes to Shares magazine.
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Fundamental & Technical Analysis For Active Investing
Jim Berg
This two hour seminar is designed to teach you how to make money in the markets by applying the skills used by market professionals. Jim uses a common sense approach, combining technical and fundamental analysis to target healthy, low risk companies. Topics covered are as follows: Analysis of Charting Tools and Indicators; Targeting Sectors and Specific Shares; Fundamental Analysis Tools; Fundamental Software and Websites; Trading Different Time-Frames; Searching for Oversold Shares in a Rising Market; Volatility Entry Trigger; Volatility Profit Exit; Volatility Trailing Stop; Commitment of Traders Data; and how to leverage this powerful information base.
Jim Berg is a former broker, private trader and lecturer with over 20 years experience in the investment industry.
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Focus On Your Stocks Workshop
Tim Lincoln and Bill Muller
Following on from Jim Berg's workshop, this session will demonstrate how share investors could combine both fundamental and technical analysis software to both evaluate stocks and determine whether to buy, sell or hold. Both Tim and Bill will take it in turn to analyse the pre-selected stocks. Using their respective software programs - STOCKdoctor and Metastock, both Tim and Bill will analyse the charts, demonstrating the various ways these could be interpreted.
Tim Lincoln is the Managing Director of Lincoln Indicators Pty Ltd, a specialist financial risk measurement company committed to measuring and analysing the financial health of businesses.
Bill Muller is the Marketing Consultant for Paritech, distributors of Metastock software. Bill has been involved in the development, product support and training for technical analysis software since 1997.
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Emotions & Investing
Louise Bedford
Louise Bedford is an active private share trader in the equities and derivatives market. She has degrees in Psychology and Business from Monash University. Louise has a strong background in training and excels at making complex subjects seem simple. Our own psychology has a significant bearing on our investing results. In this presentation Louise will take you through the top ten trading blunders that people make and suggest some practical solutions regarding how you can avoid them.
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