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Investing Pathways - Where To Next? - AIA National Investors Conference Papers - 22 to 25 July 2007

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This page contains an index for the papers presented to the National Conference 2007 on the Gold Coast in July, 2007.

Where authors provided the AIA with copies of their papers, a link to the presentation is provided so you may download them if you wish (Note: The Powerpoint presentations have been converted to *.pdf format but the files still vary in size though most are under 500 Kb.  Those over 1Mb are indicated, therefore your download time could be significant).  Links to the available presentation material are provided after the entry.

The 2007 Conference offered presentations in a number of streams together with some Plenary Sessions.  The papers indexed here are listed by the theme to which they belong.

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 Session Index

  • Plenary Sessions
  • Stream 1:  Australian Equities
    This series of sessions focuses on the ASX-listed equities including a number of ASX sectors and their comparative performance as well as major stocks within the sectors. A participant who follows this stream would get a comprehensive coverage of the Australian share-market.
  • Stream 2:  Buying & Selling Shares
    This stream will outline active investing strategies that employ both fundamental and technical analysis. Conducted by renowned educator Colin Nicholson this stream will help you decide when to buy, when to sell and when to hold.
  • Stream 3:  Investment Alternatives
    You will be able to examine a range of investments in sufficient detail to enable you to determine whether they suit your needs and how to source further information.  Topics include property, gold and alternative investments.
  • Stream 4:  Managed Funds
    These sessions provide you with an opportunity to examine in detail the range of Australian equity managed funds and international funds. Detailed information on the features of managed funds, taxation & performance, skill vs luck, wholesale vs retail, platform, blending, fees and charges as well as consideration of how to select a fund will be covered.
  • Stream 5:  Options for the Sophisticated Investor
    This stream is for investors who are seriously considering (or have begun to use) options as part of their investment portfolios. It will be a hands-on set of three sessions at which participants get the chance to select options and find out what would have happened if this had to be done in a live situation.
  • Stream 6:  Strategic Investing
    Presented by Richard Gibbs, a leading economist, this series of sessions will explore some of the possible economic and market environments that might arise in the next 5-10 years, and seeks to determine the implications for investors arising from each possibility.
  • Stream 7: Technical Matters
    Perhaps considered the least exciting part of investment but estate planning; taxation issues and compliance for self managed super funds are all essential ingredients in any investment portfolio.
  • Stream 8: Trading
    These two sessions will provide investors with practical strategies and procedures to help them set up as successful traders. Led by David Galtieri, a day trader, these sessions will go beyond the barriers and delve into the day-to-day mechanics of trading.

 Plenary Sessions

 Is it different this time?  powerpoint
Jonathan Pain is the Executive Director and Chief Investment Strategist of HFA Asset Management and Director of JP Consulting (NSW) Pty Ltd. The American economy looks likely to experience several years of below average growth. This begs the obvious question of whether or not the global economy can survive a significant weakening of the world's largest economy, or is it different this time?

 Global Economies & Market – where to next? powerpoint
Dr Doug McTaggart is the Chief Executive of QIC. Global investor sentiment has been at a high level throughout 2005-2006 supported by confidence in the strength of the world economy. However, there are several obstacles that have the potential to derail complacent investors. Dr McTaggart will examine the vulnerability of the global economy and investment markets to contingencies such as the burgeoning US indebtedness, slowdowns in consumption and possible rises in interest rates due to inflation.

 Creating a Climate for Investment powerpoint (1.3MB)
John Kaye is the Greens Member of the NSW. Australia's continued dependence on coal is a risk strategy that is very likely to cause the economy to hit a brick wall sometime in the next ten years. As international pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions increases, not only will our coal export markets potentially dry up but this nation's ability to burn coal to generate electrical energy might become constrained. John will discuss the possible demise of the coal industry and the implications for investors, as well as highlighting the opportunities for investors in areas of alternative technologies: those if Australia resists the change compared with those that will likely emerge if Australia embraces the changes.

 World Scenarios – Making the most of an increasingly diverse economic and investment landscape powerpoint
Richard Gibbs is the Division Director & Head of Economics, Macquarie Bank. For many investors 2006 marked the continuation of generally favourable conditions in major investment markets around the world, despite persistently high energy prices and higher official interest rates. However, as the global business cycle progresses it is becoming apparent that an increasingly diverse economic and investment landscape is emerging. Richard Gibbs will examine the various contours in the global landscape and highlight the challenges facing investors as they attempt to maintain the high ground.

 Australian Equities – Where to Next? powerpoint
Shane Oliver, Head of Investment Strategy & Chief Economist, AMP Capital Investors. Shane will look at the outlook for the Australian share market taking account of global conditions, current valuations, likely earnings growth, interest rates and the flow of funds into the share market. He will also provide an overview of preferred sectors.

 The Regulator – Where to next? powerpoint
Greg Tanzer, Executive Director, Consumer Protection, and Regional Commissioner, Queensland, ASIC. In recent times ASIC has been under pressure for greater regulation in light of the Westpoint collapse. What concerns do ASIC have? What strategies are ASIC putting in place to better protect investors? These and other issues will be discussed.

 Myth Busting about Managed Funds – What Product Issuers don’t tell you powerpoint
Tony Rumble, CEO, SavingsFactory Pty Ltd & Director of Research for Alpha Structured Investments Pty Ltd. Tony will demonstrate evidence busting the four great myths of managed funds. These are: Investing is too hard for individuals to manage, we should leave it to the experts!; The sharemarket is for the big players; Gearing into shares only works when the market is cheap and Structured investments are “smoke and mirrors.”

 Australian Equities

 Small Caps & Micro Caps – A Hidden Opportunity powerpoint
Ed Prendergast, Portfolio Manager, Pengana Emerging Companies Fund, will discuss the opportunities that small caps and micro caps present to investors, as well as the ways that investors can mitigate risk when investing in this part of the market.  Ed will define what is meant by the terms small and micro caps, highlight a number of stocks and discuss how investor psychology plays out in this segment of the market.

 The Banking Sector powerpoint
Peter Pontikis, Treasury Strategist, Suncorp-Metway Limted. The Banking sector, its past and prospects. Peter will analyse the performance of the banking sector both from an absolute basis and compared to recent general market movements. From here, discussions then look forward to the many opportunities that the sector presents from the point of view of balance of risks both within the sector and across the entire ASX.

 The Road Less Travelled: Contrarian Investing in the ASX powerpoint
Owen Richards, AIA Member. The contrarian seeks out temporarily unpopular companies, whose price has tumbled from their recent highs, but which have the potential to come back into favour. These are essentially healthy companies that are out of the current market ‘beauty contest’ usually because of investor over-reaction to ‘bad news’. The contrarian goes against the prevailing activities of the herd, and this can prove highly effective as prices can increase considerably as the stocks recover.

 Is Bio Tech Investing a waste of time & money? powerpoint document
David Blake, Co-Editor, Bioshares. For every advocate of investment in the biotech sector there is a disappointed and disillusioned ex-investor. Why? Have they given up on biotech investing because it is too complex, because there are simply too many things to know? Is it because the sector has struggled to 'professionalise' itself and be able to meet objectives on time and on budget? Is it because it is too global and therefore much harder to analyse from a competition point of view? Or is it because it is full of too many small companies that lack the liquidity, capital scale and critical mass needed to defuse funding risks? These reasons for not investing in biotech stocks contain more than a grain of truth. The pros and cons of biotech investing in Australia will be discussed in this session.

 The Resources Sector powerpoint
Michael Roche, Chief Executive, Queensland Resources Council. Investing in mineral and energy resources is an investment in Australia's prosperity and has performed well in recent times. Can this trend continue? Michael will provide an overview of the minerals and energy industries and outlook for the sector in Australia and why the sector can bring great rewards.

 Infrastructure Trusts powerpoint
Richard Nelson, MCG Head of Investor Relations, Macquarie Bank. Infrastructure Trusts have in recent times provided reasonable returns.  Are these returns sustainable? How do you select an infrastructure trust and what is the long-term outlook for this sector? Richard will address these and other issues.

 Buying & Selling Shares

 A Strategy for the Times powerpoint
Colin Nicholson, BEc SF Fin, Author. A frequently overlooked aspect of investing is the management of market risk. Colin will demonstrate how to determine where we are in the cycle of bull and bear markets and what strategy for market exposure may be appropriate for the opportunities and challenges ahead in 2007.

 Finding Shares To Buy powerpoint (included in above)
Colin Nicholson, BEc SF Fin, Author. Successful investing is based on buying shares that are likely to or are already trending upwards. Colin will explain the two models he uses for finding these shares. He will filter the market as of Friday 20 July and show what he is looking for.

 Where the Real Money is powerpoint (included in above)
Colin Nicholson, BEc SF Fin, Author. Finding shares to buy is the easy bit and only part of the story. The real money is made from buying the right number of shares at the right price and then managing the investment through to sale. Colin will go through a case study that illustrates the key issues.

 Investment Alternatives

 Perfect Portfolio Management – Legend or Reality? powerpoint
Elio D’Amato, Director of Stock Doctor Research.  Elio will discuss how to build and construct a share portfolio following his golden rules for portfolio construction, discuss the methods and misconceptions of investing, and address the question of whether investors really can over-diversify. Elio will also highlight the common mistakes made when investors behave badly, and offer a ‘reality check’ to those perfect solutions in a perfect investment world!

 Property Alternatives powerpoint
Brad Macaulay, General Manager - Distribution, Property Funds Australia. The Australian direct and unlisted property market has experienced some sensational twists & turns in recent years. Brad will discuss in detail the things you really need to know when investing in this space. Which property sub-sectors provide the best opportunities?  What types of property investment opportunities are available?  What do I need to look for?  Where is it all going? 

 Property Trusts – Where to next? powerpoint
Ian Irvine, Head of Customer & Business Development, ASX. Australian Listed Property has long been a favourite with Australian investors. With a growing number of international centres setting up Listed Property markets, does the call to go global mean that Australian investors need to invest offshore to achieve their right property exposure? Ian will look at how Australian investors can have the choice of both worlds - investing globally while staying at home in a market they like and understand.

 The Investment Case for Gold powerpoint
Greg Burgess, Gold Bullion Securities Limited. For thousands of years gold has been a trusted currency and store of wealth.  In recent times, the high cost of holding physical gold (entry and storage fees) has limited direct investment opportunities. By recent introduction of new products these barriers have reduced now making investment in gold bullion easier and more accessible. Greg will outline the investment advantages of gold, the new forms of investment available and the international trends and forecasts for gold investment. Today and in the future, gold certainly can add sparkle to your investment portfolio.

 Managed Funds

 Managed Funds – What to look for powerpoint
Scott McKenzie, AIA Councillor. This first of two sessions on this topic will address a number of factors that investors need to consider when investing in Australian equities funds: taxation; investment style; blending of styles; boutiques or brand names?; how many funds in a portfolio?; does size of funds under management matter?; how to evaluate managed funds. These matters have been researched and discussed by the AIA Brisbane Managed Investments group over the last few years.

 Australian Equities Funds Best Performers powerpoint
Scott McKenzie & the AIA Managed Investments Group. The second session will focus on high performing/high quality Australian equities funds. Members of the MI group will outline the features of the funds that they have found to meet their expectations. Most of these will be wholesale funds (around $50,000 minimum investment) with significant track records (at least three years). There will also be consideration of newer funds whose investment managers have well know (and proven) investment track records.

 International Managed Funds Best Performers powerpoint
Scott McKenzie, AIA Councillor & the Managed Investments Group. This session will focus on international managed funds that the Brisbane MI group have researched and found to be high performing/high quality investments. Most of these will be wholesale funds (around $50,000 minimum investment) with significant track records (at least three years). There will also be consideration of newer funds whose investment managers have well know (and proven) investment track records. The emphasis will be on equities.

 Options for the Sophisticated Investor

 A Refresher to the Options Market Workshop powerpoint
Luke Gleeson, Private Client Adviser, Ord Minnett. The goal of the three workshops is to give to the investor the skills required to be confident in applying the option strategies across their investment portfolio through real life worked examples. The first workshop will refresh the investor with the terminology and strategies used within the options market and to give the investor a clear understanding of the mechanics and the best ways to utilise the options market.

 Covered Option Strategies Workshop powerpoint
Luke Gleeson, Private Client Adviser, Ord Minnett. The second workshop on covered call strategies extends on from the first session where Luke will educate the investor on some covered options strategies, from covered call writing using direct stock through to bull calendar spreads and when best to apply these strategies. These strategies are most relevant to portfolio investors, as a lot of market commentators are calling a sideways market for 2007, and have the potential to be implemented in a self managed super fund.

 Covered Put Writing Strategies Workshop powerpoint
Luke Gleeson, Private Client Adviser, Ord Minnett. The final workshop outlines an income generation strategy using covered put writing to generate income.  Luke will also outline an income generation strategy that can be utilised with margin lending.

 Strategic Investing

 Good times versus the disappointment of Stagflation & the three scenarios that count powerpoint
Richard Gibbs, Division Director and Chief Economist, Macquarie Bank. Richard will identify, define and quantify three scenarios that should concern or alert investors: A continuation of the good times; Reversion to mean and Stagflation. Managing the risks associated with these scenarios is crucial for investors wishing to maintain investment performance.

 A glimpse at life on the wild side and Geopolitical threats & the three scenarios that could unnerve investors powerpoint
Richard Gibbs, Division Director and Chief Economist, Macquarie Bank. Richard will identify, define and quantify three scenarios that should concern or alert investors: The onset of megatrend convergence; Widespread asset price deflation and Upsurge in global terrorism. Understanding the risks associated with these scenarios is crucial for investors wishing to preserve capital.

 Technical Matters

 Taxation Issues For the Investor powerpoint document
Matthew Burgess, Partner, McCullough Robertson Lawyers. Taxation strategies are an important component of any investment plan and Matthew will assist in outlining the pros and cons of deductible versus non-deductible debt and capital gains tax versus income tax. Matthew will also outline the appropriate structures and the importance of the underlying investment.

 Keeping Up With Change in SMSFs powerpoint
Louise Biti, Head of Technical Services, Asteron. Louise will outline how the 2006 Budget impacts on operating a SMSF; Tax office surveillance and what you should watch out for and tips for reducing risk.

 Accumulating Wealth in SMSF powerpoint
Louise Biti, Head of Technical Services, Asteron. In this second session Louise will discuss investment trends and strategies for SMSFs. Other issues to be covered include new rules for contributions; making the most of tax benefits at a fund level and transition to retirement.

 Retirement Income Streams powerpoint
David Busoli, CEO, Total Super. Following on from the previous two sessions on self managed super funds, David will outline the various income streams available; the new rules; changes to existing arrangements and estate planning consequences.

 Estate Planning 1 powerpoint
Peter Bobbin, Senior Partner, The Argyle Partnership. In this fast paced session Peter will focus on the important basics of successful succession planning. You will learn: how to start estate planning; what are the key things you need to know before you start; the way to avoid the most common simple mistakes and answers to the questions that you didn’t know you needed to know!

 Estate Planning 2 powerpoint
Peter Bobbin, Senior Partner, The Argyle Partnership. Peter will continue his fast paced successful succession planning strategies at an advanced level, especially looking at: your family home and how to protect this for the next generation; superannuation and what you really need to know; Trusts, a cornerstone but also a potential problem that can be overcome and the mutual wills solution when simple is what is needed.


 Trading for Income 1 powerpoint
David Galtieri, Private Trader. Learn how the use of simple technical analysis and risk management, back testing and selection of a few key stocks and indices can create extra cash flow trading any financial market.  In this two part presentation you will learn hands-on skills and techniques to trade the financial markets.  You will learn how simplicity with your technical analysis, confidence in understanding risk, and back testing any strategy you create or learn are the key to your survival in any financial market.  The techniques and strategies taught in this presentation can be applied to the analysis and trading of Shares, CFDs, Options, Futures, FOREX and Commodities.

 Trading for Income 2 powerpoint (included in above)
David Galtieri, Private Trader. In Part two David will outline trading strategies, rules, entry and exit, stop loss setting and getting started.

 Author Index

Biti, Louise Keeping Up With Change in SMSFs
Biti, Louise Accumulating Wealth in SMSF
Blake, David Is Bio Tech Investing a waste of time & money?
Bobbin, Peter Estate Planning 1
Bobbin, Peter Estate Planning 2
Burgess, Greg The Investment Case for Gold
Burgess, Matthew Taxation Issues For the Investor
Busoli, David Retirement Income Streams
D’Amato, Elio Perfect Portfolio Management – Legend or Reality?
Galtieri, David Trading for Income 1
Galtieri, David Trading for Income 2
Gibbs, Richard World Scenarios – Making the most of an increasingly diverse economic and investment landscape
Gibbs, Richard Good times versus the disappointment of Stagflation & the three scenarios that count
Gibbs, Richard A glimpse at life on the wild side and Geopolitical threats & the three scenarios that could unnerve investors
Gleeson, Luke A Refresher to the Options Market Workshop
Gleeson, Luke Covered Option Strategies Workshop
Gleeson, Luke Covered Put Writing Strategies Workshop
Irvine, Ian Property Trusts – Where to next?
Kaye, John Creating a Climate for Investment
Macaulay, Brad Property Alternatives
McKenzie, Scott Managed Funds – What to look for
McKenzie, Scott Australian Equities Funds Best Performers
McKenzie, Scott International Managed Funds Best Performers
McTaggart, Doug Global Economies & Market – where to next?
Nelson, Richard Infrastructure Trusts
Nicholson, Colin A Strategy for the Times
Nicholson, Colin Finding Shares To Buy
Nicholson, Colin Where the Real Money is
Oliver, Shane Australian Equities – Where to Next?
Pain, Jonathan Is it different this time?
Pontikis, Peter The Banking Sector
Prendergast, Ed Small Caps & Micro Caps – A Hidden Opportunity
Richards, Owen The Road Less Travelled: Contrarian Investing in the ASX
Roche, Michael The Resources Sector
Rumble, Tony Myth Busting about Managed Funds – What Product Issuers don’t tell you
Tanzer, Greg The Regulator � Where to next?