Retreat 2000

Papers Presented at Retreat 2000

This page provides an entry to further education possibilities.  It contains a summary of all papers presented to the Retreat 2000 on the Gold Coase in June, 2000.  Some were also presented at the Melbourne Conference.  The classification into streams is not claimed to be precise, rather it is intended to give you a "first cut".  Where authors provided the AIA with copies of their papers, a link to the presentation is provided so you may download them if you wish.   Note: These presentations vary in size from 23kb up to 3Mb, therefore your download time could be significant.

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Computerised Investing

Mental Attitude
Personal Experiences


Mark Aliprandi
Bill Anderssen
Bob Andrew
Robin Bowerman
Ray Bricknell
Frank Casarotti
David Child
Neil Costa
Chris Cuffe
Geoff Davey
Geoff Doidge
Jeremy Duffield
Jacinda Green
Alistair Healey
Peter Hogan
Dr Ian Hopkins
Ed Koken
Rod Leanne
Tim Lincoln
Brian McNiven
Jonathan Pain
Graham Rich
Barbara Smith
Dr. Harry Stanton
Gary Stone
Mark Teale
Michael Teys
Frank Tonna
Mike Willis
Spencer Young

Anderssen & Co
Business Angels
Colonial First State
Credit Suisse
Fixed Income & Investment Group
Hedge Funds Australia
Lincoln Indicators
MAUS Financial Products & Services
Morningstar Australia
Personal Investor
Property Investment Research
Rothschild Asset Management
Securities Institute
Sharefinder Investment Services
Taxpayers Australia Inc.
Technical Analysts Association
Teys McMahon
Trading Mastery
Vanguard Investments Australia


What a Wonderful World

Keynote address by Jonathan Pain of Rothschild Asset Management


Fundamental Analysis - an essential ingredient

Tim Lincoln, Managing Director of Lincoln Indicators, will explain the basics of Fundamental Analysis, show you how it is done, and demonstrate how to use it to make better investment decisions.

Technical Analysis Overview

Neil Costa, past President of the Australian Technical Analysts Association, will describe the process and techniques employed by Technical Analysts. Technical Analysis is the process used by investors to collect, analyse and interpret data about price movements of a stock so that better investment 'timing' decisions can be made.

Advanced Technical Analysis

This session will describe in detail various Technical Analysis techniques with practical examples of how and when to use them. The session will be led by Neil Costa.


Index Funds - Myth or Magic

Chris Cuffe, CEO of Colonial First State, and Jeremy Duffield, Managing Director of Vanguard Investments Australia, will graphically illustrate for you the merits of indexed funds against those of actively managed funds. Jeremy is passionate about the benefits for investors of indexation and claims proof that active management does not work. Colonial First State has a long-term track record of excellent performance in actively managed equity funds. Not only will you learn all you need to know to form your own view about active Vs passive investment, but you will enjoy the humour of our presenters.

Pick the Fund to Suit You

Graham Rich, CEO of Morningstar Australia, will explain the system of selecting managed investments that Financial Planners use, and show you how you can access the same research information and systems.


The Role of Property Syndicates in a Diversified Portfolio

Michael Teys, Director of Teys McMahon the Property Lawyers. will explain why syndicated property is an ideal way to hold some direct property in a balanced portfolio

Having Your Cake and Eating it - gearing, risk, and ratings

Dr Ian Hopkins, Director of Research, Property Investment Research, Will show how you can greatly improve your risk/return profile through sound capital management, and particularly through gearing.

Residential Property

Geoff Doidge, author and presenter, has been a highly successful residential property investor in both good times and bad. Geoff has developed and used a series of fundamental principles for investing in Residential property which if followed closely will work for you.

Listed Property Trusts

Ray Bricknell will present an overview of investment in Listed Property Trusts from an Investor's perspective. He will review the performance of property trusts generally, outline the points for and against investing in them, indicated the returns you can expect to get from them, demonstrate a method for timing your entry and exit decisions for maximum capital gain, and advise where independent research can be sourced. A good session for newcomers and seasoned property trust investors.


The History & Use of Hedge Funds
            What is a Hedge Fund

Hedge funds can profit in both rising & falling markets. Spencer Young, Managing Director of Hedge Funds Australia, will outline the history of Hedge Funds in America, explain how they work, when to use them and what to avoid. An "Eye Opening" session.

Establishing Your Risk Profile

Geoff Davey, Joint Managing Director of ProQuest, will address the issue of how you can scientifically assess your own investor risk profile - an essential first step. Geoff is the architect of a personal risk profile assessment system.

Value Investing & Other Wealth Creation & Destruction

Brian McNiven, author of the book 'Stock Valuation', will discuss how business performance creates the value and the price creates the opportunity.


Fixed Interest Investment Options

Alistair Healey, Fixed Income & Investment Group, will speak about the wide range of fixed interest investments available in Australia. This includes term deposits, bonds, income securities, debentures etc. Alistair will explain the difference between these various investments, how investors are able to purchase them and how to decide among them which are the best value.

Mental Attitude

Psychology of Achieving Superior Performance

Dr. Harry Stanton, a well-known and respected author, will outline six key factors involved in achieving superior performance in investing, sport and life in general. He will look at how to maximise the use of these factors

Psychology of lnvesting Workshop

Dr Harry Stanton will conduct a hands on workshop to practise the techniques which were discussed in the plenary session.


How to Choose an Advisor

David Child, AIA Treasurer and Editor of the lnvestors' Voice, has eighteen years experience as a Financial Planner until he retired from his position with well known accounting firm KPMG in 1998. Since then David has been involved in the education of financial planners and been consultant to Financial Planning Groups and Fund Managers. David's presentation will focus on the difficult problem of choosing a Financial Adviser which he believes is the most important decision an investor will ever make.

Asset Allocation

Jeremy Duffield will provide supporting evidence to show that Asset Allocation is the primary key to long-term investment success. By selecting the right exposure to each market sector and patiently waiting, Asset Allocators claim you will make more money than by using a more active investment strategy - and they say they can prove it.

Financial Planning for High Net Worth Individuals

Ed Koken, Education Director, Taxpayers Australia Inc., will take a practical approach to financial planning including: creating, preserving and transferring wealth; risk management; tax planning; retirement income streams.


Estate Planning

Bill Anderssen, Partner with Anderssen & Co, will explore the concepts of Estate and Succession Planning, including the use of trusts.

DIY Superannuation

Barbara Smith will cover many issues relating to the self management of a Superannuation Fund including: set-up and administration, transferring assets from other funds; income streams and death benefits; impact of tax reform.


Peter Hogan, National Technical Services Manager for Colonial First State Investments, will cover the broad range of superannuation contribution strategies including CGT rollover relief, tax deductability, spouse contributions etc.

Allocated Pension Strategies

Peter Hogan will cover in detail the difference between allocated pensions, complying pensions and annuities, and the taxation issues relating to each.

Retirement Tax Strategies

Barbara Smith, Technical Director of the Taxpayers Australia Inc., will cover a broad range of issues including: structuring for self-funded retirement; superannuation strategies to reduce tax; CGT concessions under Ralph; maximising allocated pension benefits and more.


Derivatives - Options & Warrants

Mike Willis, Queensland President of the Securities Institute, Will describe the various options available to private investors and explain how they can be used to your advantage. The session will include details of how you can access derivatives. Derivatives are investment products created to enable investors to trade in the share market without actually owning the stock, Generally Derivatives have been used by professional investors and not by private investors. Derivatives can provide high returns but are viewed as higher risk investments.

Derivatives Workshop

Mike Willis, Queensland President of the Securities Institute, will lead a session devoted to practical examples of the use of derivatives. This Workshop session is designed to encourage delegates to share their experiences in the use of derivatives.

Computerised Investing

Investment Computer Programs

Ray Bricknell, President of the AIA, will provide an introduction to the vast area of Investment Software. You can buy software and use the internet to make your investing easier and more efficient, but are you aware of all the products and options that are available? And how do you decide which is best for you? A good overview for those who are considering investment software.

Trading Mastery Software Demonstration

Mark Aliprandi from Trading Mastery will explain the benefits of real-time trading and describe the operation and on-going training that is on offer. Trading Master offers "real time" trading with emphasis on training. It is designed for investors with little or no expertise to enter the realm of realtime trading.

Competent, Active Investing

Gary Stone, CEO of Sharefinder Investment Services, will discuss positioning active investing against passive investing, and how to go about active investing in a structured, systematic and disciplined manner.

STOCKdoctor - Fundamentally, an essential tool for all serious investors

Tim Lincoln will demonstrate STOCKdoctor, a popular Fundamental Analysis software package. Tim will share with you his family's secrets for identifying quality stocks and demystify the art of fundamental analysis in this Research Stream. With the market experiencing volatile conditions, understanding the financial health of your stocks has never been so important.

Relative Strength Analysis

A tradesman needs a full kit of tools. So does an investor. In this session Gary Stone, CEO of Sharefinder Investment Services, will compare the relative strength of stocks to the overall market and to their peers in their respective sectors,

MAUS Financial Products and Services

Frank Tonna, Group Manager, MAUS Financial Products & Services, will cover the MAUS range of products and services available to investors, including their flagship product MAUS Stockmarket Plus, the popular 4 in 1 Personal Investment software package.


Global Investment Opportunities

Frank Casarotti, Colonial First State, will outline the current global investment opportunities for long term investors in the technology and communications, and health and biotechnology sectors.

Personal experiences

True Confessions of an Investor

Learn the lessons of how to avoid making mistakes when investing. Jeremy Duffield will share his experiences over the past 20 years as an individual investor. He will lead an open forum workshop with an emphasis on the sharing lessons learned and mistakes made with other investors.

Me & My Portfolio

This panel session, moderated by AIA Councillor Scott McKenzie, will bring together a number of AIA members for a broad discussion of their investment experiences, good and bad. A major benefit of being an AIA member is to learn from the experiences of fellow members who are more likely to be like you than any anonymous investment manager. Audience participation will be encouraged. The AIA's popular quarterly magazine the Investors' VOICE has recently featured a series of articles written by members about their own investment experiences. The articles have proven to be very popular.


Business Angels

Start up businesses can present fantastic investment returns to the founders and early investors but can also fail. Business Angels are investors who seek out new businesses where they can contribute seed capital and, on occasion, expertise. Rod Leanne is the CEO of North Coast Business Angels and will present an overview of Venture Capital and Business Angel investing in Australia.

Centrelink for the Rich and Famous

Mark Teale spent fifteen years working for Centrelink and its predecessor, the Department of Social Security. He now works for a major Financial Planning firm where part of his role is to make sure that investors are aware of the subsidies that are available to them from the government via the social security system. You don't have to claim your entitlements, but you might like to know what you are missing and what you are paying out to those that do claim.


Role of the Financial Media

Robin Bowerman, Editor of Personal Investor, will detail how he sees the media's role in your investment decision process.

Future Investment Themes

Jacinda Green, Business Development Manager with Credit Suisse, will round off our conference with a look at the state of potential future markets. She will look at some of the tidal movements you should be tuning in to when framing your investment strategies into the new millennium.

What's on the Web - the AIA Website Workshop

Bob Andrew, AIA Vice President and Webmaster, will explain the development of the AIA website and the facilities that are available.    [talk]