Sydney Conference 2002

Sydney Investors Conference Papers - 23 to 24 November 2002

The presentations given at the AIA's Sydney Conference held on 23rd and 24th November 2002 are available for you to download.  The original presentations (MS Powerpoint & Doc) have been converted to *.pdf files to reduce the size of the files (less than 50% of original).

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Market Update
Hans Kunnen,

Hans Kunnen, Head of Investment Markets Research, Colonial First State, will give an update on the global and domestic economic environment and its implications for investment markets. He will also review Colonial's approach to stock selection in the past year.
Powerpoint (378 kb)

Buy Sell Or Hold?
Russell Lander,

Russell Lander is a Research Analyst from Ord Minnett. Ord Minnett buy their research from JPMorgan and operate on only a small staff. Based on this research, Russell will outline the global and local investment scene which will spark many questions from the floor.
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Share Market Outlook
John Murray, Managing Director,

John Murray, Managing Director, Perennial Value Management. John has 16 years experience as a successful value manager. During his presentation, John will outline his methodology for stock selection and provide a sharemarket outlook for the next 12 months.
Powerpoint (67 kb)

Investing In Smaller Companies
Emilio Gonzalez,

Emilio Gonzalez, Chief Investment Officer, Perpetual Investments, will describe how Perpetual's smaller companies fund goes about finding opportunities in the small cap sector of the market, and outline the key attributes that need to be considered when analysing small companies.
Powerpoint (56 kb)

My Trading Week
Tim Lincoln,

Tim Lincoln is the Managing Director, Stockdoctor, a fundamental analysis software package. Take the opportunity to get a glimpse at Tim Lincoln's portfolio. As a renowned and savvy investor, Tim will go through a typical trading week, reveal his trading tips, key disciplines and show you how to select good quality stocks to brighten up YOUR portfolio.
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An Introduction to Exchange Traded Options & Basic Trading Strategies,
Tarmo Rae,
Salomon Smith Barney
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More Bang For Your Buck - Buying Shares On Margin
Anne Maguire,
Leveraged Equities & Mortgage Finance

Anne Maguire is the Business Development Manager for Leveraged Equities. Anne will outline the types of leverage available; who should use it and why; the sources; the pros and cons and costs compared with other finance.
Powerpoint (2655 kb)

How Investors Rate Financial Planners
David Child
Councillor, AIA

Many of you have recently participated in AIA surveys. David Child, Councillor of the AIA and Director of Adviser Ratings, will share the fascinating results of these surveys and help you determine the questions you should ask when seeking a financial adviser.
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Hedge Funds - Fad or Trend?
Damien Hatfield,

What are hedge funds? Damien Hatfield, Head of Hedge Funds, Colonial First State, will outline the evolution of the hedge funds industry, its common misconceptions and why hedge funds are included in portfolio construction.
Powerpoint (53 kb)

Fixed Interest - Overlooked and Underworked,
Peter Missingham,

Peter Missingham, Manager Fixed Interest Sales, Grange Securities. To achieve consistent high returns in a diversified portfolio, investors should have between 30-60% in direct fixed interest assets. Witness this year's asset class performance: Australian Bonds +5.76%; Australian Equities +1.59%. You can achieve these returns with little price volatility.
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My Favourite Managed Funds
Robert Keavney,

Robert Keavney is the CEO of the newly created Centrestone Wealth Management. Robert will describe factors to look for, and factors to ignore, in assessing managed funds, and will detail some of his favourites.
Powerpoint (212 kb)   Narrative (36 kb)

A Portfolio for 2003
Stephen Van Eyk,

Stephen van Eyk co-founded van Eyk Research 1989 and has more than 20 year's experience in investment research and financial planning. He will look at trends in 2002 and from this will outline the strategies used in preparing a portfolio for 2003.
Powerpoint (239 kb)

Asset Allocation
Jeremy Duffield,

Jeremy Duffield, Managing Director, Vanguard Investments Australia, will outline why asset allocation is so important. Topics covered will include the major asset sectors, risk and return, benefits of diversification and provide some outlines to help you assess your own portfolio profile.
Powerpoint (1800 kb)

Residential Property In The Future
Barry Lambert,

Barry Lambert, Count Financial Services, will explain why residential property is to live in (lifestyle) and not to invest in. Furthermore, he will explain why residential property is grossly over priced compared to other investments and why it is a high tax risk.
Powerpoint (591 kb)

Property Syndicates
Adrian Harrington,

Adrian Harrington is Head of Strategy & Business Development at the James Fielding Group - an ASX Listed Co. Adrian will provide an overview of the commercial property markets & discuss the issues investors need to consider when investing in property syndicates.
Powerpoint (1528 kb)

Mortgage Finance
Amanda Trenfield,

Amanda Trenfield from the Adelaide Bank will cover the types of mortgages available and how one matches the type to their need whether it be for property investment, property development or share investing.
Powerpoint (35 kb)

Housekeeping: Tax Effective Strategies
Keith Drewery,

Whilst, it is a truism to say that the tax tail should never wag the dog, where your asset allocation is placed will determine your overall returns. There are many strategies an investor can put in place to help minimise tax on investments. Keith Drewery, Regional Manager of Perpetual Private Clients, NSW will outline many of these strategies.
Powerpoint (313 kb)

Porftolio Administration
Adam Carroll,

Adam Carroll, Maus Business Systems, will demonstrate how investors can manage their own investment portfolios using the MAUS Stockmarket Plus program. Adam will take investors through the process of recording and tracking their investments as well as generating tax reports on their portfolios.
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