Sydney Conference 2004

Sydney Investors Conference Papers - 13 to 14 November 2004

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Global Economic Outlook
Dr Christopher Caton
Dr Christopher Caton is the Chief Economist for BT Financial Group. There is no shortage of questions overhanging investment markets. What impact will the US election have for the markets? What's in store for China? What will happen next with the exchange rate? Have we seen the best of the share market rally? Are there more interest-rate rises in the offing? Chris Caton will give his views on these and other matters.
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Beyond Fundamental Analysis
David Child
David Child is the Founder and CEO Of Financial Connections & Director of the AIA. We hear a lot about the use of fundamental analysis in selecting stocks for investment and even something about technical analysis to give us clues as to the timing of investments. This session will look at information of a qualitative type: how much competition is there and what are the barriers to entry for new entrants?; how good is the business acumen of the principals?; what are the prospects for growth? how good is the board? and more.
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The Australian Banking Sector
Matthew Raymond
Matthew Raymond is a Private Client Adviser with Macquarie Financial Services. In his presentation Matthew will provide an overall outlook for the banking sector; review the major bank's performance in light of the reporting season (late October) and review the major bank's strategies operating in the current environment.
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The Resources Sector
David Whitten
David Whitten is the Head of Global Resources, Colonial First State. As a trained geologist and having worked within the resources sector for 23 years, David is well experienced to outline how the sector is performing, how to diversify a global resources portfolio and what the prospects are for the future. David will also take a look at a few individual stocks.
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How To Use Technical Analysis Successfully Workshop
Alex Douglas
Alex Douglas will cover some of the basic elements required to use technical analysis successfully. Topics to be discussed will include user expectations, psychology, indicator selection and time frames. He will also share some of the lesser known qualities of one of his favourite indicators.
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Super Charge Your On-Line Trading
Michael Blomfield
Michael Blomfield was appointed the General Manager of CommSec when the Commonwealth Bank formed the Premium Business Services Division in January 2002. He will outline how to use market depth to the best advantage; how the market open and close work; how to place your bids/offers at the open/close; how opening and closing prices are calculated; how to use margin lending with an online trading account; how best to trade relatively illiquid stocks online and what other tools are available for online traders.
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How To Get Full Value From Your Stockbroker
Paul Dolan
Paul Dolan is the Manager of Investor Services with the ASX. Paul will present an entertaining session on what a full-service stockbroker does. How do they get their information, how many clients do they service, what do they actually do all day? These and other questions including information on how to make the most of your full-service broker will be addressed.
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Active Vs Passive Investing Debate
Robin Bowerman and Jonathan Pain
Robin Bowerman joined Vanguard Investments Australia in December 2003 and leads their Retail Business Department. As the first presenter in this debate, Robin will outline the case for passive investing and convince you why you should have Index Funds in your portfolio.
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Jonathan Pain has 20 years of international investment experience and is currently an Executive Director and Chief Investment Strategist of HFA Asset Management. As the proponent for the active side of investing, Jonathan will certainly add both information and entertainment to this lively debate.
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Innovative Portfolio Construction In Challenging Times
Dominic McCormick
Dominic McCormick has worked in the area of investment and financial services for 19 years and is currently Chief Investment Officer with Select Asset Management. Dominic writes and comments regularly on investment matters in the financial media and is a regular presenter on investment issues at major industry conferences. Dominic will demonstrate a different approach to asset allocation.
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International Investments
Douglas Isles
Douglas Isles joined Platinum Asset Management in May 2003. In this presentation, Douglas will focus on where Platinum are finding the international opportunities and also run through how Platinum go about investing internationally.
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The Underloved Asset Class
Tony Lewis
A qualified actuary, Tony Lewis, Managing Director of Lewis Securities, has been involved in fixed interest and money markets since 1978. Tony will outline the different types of fixed interest, discuss its relevance in a balanced investment portfolio and discuss safety tips and hints about investing in fixed interest. He will also outline problems with listed hybrids.
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Unwrapped - How Wrap Accounts Really Work
Darren Pritchett
Darren Pritchett is the Relationship Manager, BT Private Investment Division. Darren will focus on demystifying wrap accounts for direct investors. He will explain what they are; what they do; the benefits; the pitfalls and how investors use this facility to enhance their portfolio management. Some of the features, common technical terms and fee structures that apply to wrap accounts will also be explained.
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ASX Sectors & Stocks We Are Invested In
Tom Keenan
Tom Keenan is a Business Development Manager with Colonial First State. Tom will outline the investment strategies Colonial First State use to select the stocks and sectors they invest in. Come and hear how a professional team manage their share portfolios.
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Reflections on Australian Companies
Ross Greenwood
Ross Greenwood is Channel Nine's business and finance editor. He has worked both internationally and nationally for a wide range of media outlets. Ross will provide an insightful behind the scenes analysis of what is going on with some of Australia's larger companies and the implications this has for investors.
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