Sharemarket Investment Course

Out of the demand from members for more information and education, Dr Bill Dodd, a member of the Australian Investors Association, has developed a comprehensive course on investing in the share market. He is a retired senior academic who is a gifted educator. He has successfully invested for over 30 years in both bull and bear markets.

Bill believes financial freedom is our right, and the pathway to this is through quality financial education and application. Bill says that investing is not difficult if you understand key fundamentals, like, how the market works, how to manage risk and how to think independently.

This course was delivered and filmed over six weeks and has been edited for individual tuition.

The objective of The Sharemarket Course is to allow you to invest in the share market with confidence. On completion of the course you will:

  • Have an overview of the share market
  • Understand the need for an investment plan
  • Understand the importance of risk management when:
    • deciding on the price at which to buy a stock and how many shares to buy
    • deciding where to place a stop loss and how to manage a trade
  • Understand the need to have, and to update, an equity curve on a regular basis
  • Have an overview of fundamental and technical analysis
  • Understand several methods for selecting a stock
  • Have a basic understanding of the charting package “Incredible Charts”
  • Understand several methods of analysing the chart of a selected stock
  • Have opened a broker’s account and purchased a position in one stock
  • Understand how to record purchases in a note book or spreadsheet.

Who should do this course?

  • Successful investors who know that continuing education is the key to ongoing investment success.
  • The beginner investor wanting the step-by-step learning process that will give them the skills to start investing with confidence.
  • The passive investor wanting knowledge to successfully communicate with the professionals managing their money.

Even if you think this is not for you, this would make for a great gift for friends and family and the inheritors of your assets so they know how to manage a sudden influx of money.

Warren Buffett only used to give shares as a gift. This will give your loved ones the skills to develop a secure financial future. What better gift could you give?

You can see by the testimonials that this is a great investing educational tool. When you purchase this DVD set for this low price you are benefiting from the not for profit, volunteer, aspect of the Australian Investors Association. To view a sample of the course material click here.


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  • 12 DVDs, 1 CD (work book and homework activities)

Incredible Charts
The Course refers the Incredible Charts software (available free). The following brief videos will assist in understanding the use of 'Incredible Charts'.

1. Introduction to 'Incredible Charts' software
2. How to handle charts
3. Use of the screening module